Representation of Blackpool in the popular media – One place, many faces?


Recently Blackpool has been the setting for a number of drama and documentary programmes.BBC1 series Blackpool is perhaps the most well known of these. Though the series did include some moments where Blackpool was presented darkly, it focussed much on the ‘glamour and lights’ of the seafront.

BBC4 comedy Funland presented Blackpool as a dark and seedy den of pornography and exploitation – Most of the series was set in dark, dank and dingy bedsits.

Compare this with the presentation of the town as a family friendly fun place in Northwest Tonight’s ‘On the Edge’ series:

Click here for video

How can one place generate so many different representations – Is it a case that film-makers show what they want to show? Just as people are victims of selective editing, can places be so also?


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