Representation, ethnicity – Gangsta Rap


This quote is from Stanley Crouch – an American critic and cultural writer. Crouch feels it is not the mainstream media as explained in the Bowling for Columbine clip, but some young black artists who create the negative representation of the black American male.

“none of the people who are so disturbed by these negative images of young black people complain about them in the venue where they are most common: not in television news, but in black pop music videos. Andy Razaf, the great lyricist and partner of Fats Waller, could be talking about MTV, VH1, BET and the lowest of rap when he wrote in 1939, “The Negro race offers a gold mine of humorous, dramatic, and romantic material, having its share of heroes, adventurers, pioneers, martyrs, scientists, inventors, scholars, athletes, and artists in American and world history. Yet writers and producers continue to portray us as a race of clowns, flunkies, cowards, and degenerates.”

What better way to describe the rap world’s monkey-moving, gold-chain wearing, illiteracy-spouting, penis-pulling, sullen, combative buffoons and their promoters of freelance prostitution, like Lil’ Kim?

But the anti-negative-image lobby invariably punks out when it comes to addressing its gangster brothers and sisters, who are supposed to be “keepin’ it real.” To me, however, the images in the mainstream media are more real than the misogynistic nihilism and hardcore whorishness of rap video”. (source:

So, who is right? – Could both viewpoints be true?


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